Hello, Dear One!
Please answer the following questions directly from your heart - authentically and without filtering. All of you is needed and welcome here.  I will get back to you very soon to discuss further and schedule a time to talk.
So much love,
What is your name? *

What's your preferred phone number and email address? *

What are you most interested in creating in your life right now?  What are you hoping to transmute and heal?  Dream big and tell me everything! *

What are your biggest challenges currently?  What have you tried to bring relief?  What would relief feel and look like for you? *

Tell me about your current practices and relationship with - your higher self, self-care, food, your body, the Earth, your emotions, and anything else you feel called to tell me. *

Why do you feel called to do this work with me and why should I receive you into my sacred energetic container? *

How READY are you to fully embody your authenticity, your Spirit, your primal essence? How READY are you to invest in yourself financially? *

How CONFIDENT do you feel in your ability to fully dedicate yourself to this work, this container, being vulnerable and humble, and practicing radical self-responsibility to create the life you most desire? *

Do you know which 1:1 program you're interested in pursuing?  (Plant Spirit Medicine Transformational Journeys, Whole Being Nourishment Assessment Session & Report, or the Discipline of Embodied Self Love Mentorship Program)  Is there anything else you feel called to share or would like for me to know? *

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